Development Land Appraiser

Land & Development Property Appraisals.

We have appraised hundreds of parcels of land from agricultural usage to developmental land. The appraisal reports for land are all written reports in summary or complete format. Our reports provide an in depth analysis of the property, its current and potential usage, its surrounding area, and other factors affecting its marketability and its current and future usage.

Land Development Valuation Methods:

  1. The value of the land as current
  2. The value the land as subdivided
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Geographic Information Systems


We implement the usage of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in our appraisal reports when applicable or requested. The use of GIS illustrates specifics of the property on a map such as; elevations, soil types, wetland areas/wetland types, and other property specific attributes. All mapped attributes are fully explained within the appraisal report. All mapping and data used for explanation are acquired by the USGS, Minnesota DNR, or other reliable entities.

Development Land Appriaser

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