Commercial Real Estate Appraisals – Minnesota When You Need It Done Right

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals – Minnesota

When you need it done Right. Call 612-618-0917

Our Appraisals Stand Up in Court. We are Court certified and expert witnesses. Because when we do an appraisal we are careful to understand all aspects of a properties value.

We provide commercial and industrial appraisalĀ services to Minnesota

Office buildings, corporate, industrial.

Hotel, Motels, Campgrounds

Retail, shopping malls, storefronts

Parks, marinas, golf courses

Nursing homes, multi-family, Retirement Homes

Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, Service Stations.

Benefit from our depth & Breadth of Collective knowledge and experience

Expect us to… Meet YourAppraisal Needs
with attention to Quality and Timeliness

We are Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services
and we are here to serve you.

Call today for a free no obligation initial consultation: 612 618-0917

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