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Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, based in Roseville, Mn offers residential, commercial, industrial and land and development appraisals.

They recently shared a press release outlining their real estate appraisal services.

The range of appraisal work that they often encounter include the following: office buildings, corporate and industrial buildings, heavy and light industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, office/warehouse, parks, office/shop, public and private projects, hotels/motels, shopping malls, auto service stations, destination resorts, golf courses, restaurants, auto dealerships, partial entitlements, developable land, marinas, multifamily projects, agricultural lands, homes, and government buildings.

The firm is headed by Clarke Goset, who has been a leading real estate appraiser in the twin cities for many decades.

Aside from the appraisal of commercial properties, Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services also offer land and development property appraisals. They have already appraised hundreds of parcels of land from agricultural to developmental land. The appraisal reports that they provide for land are in the form of written reports in both complete or summary format. Their reports offer an in depth analysis of the property, its potential and current usage, its surrounding area, and other factors that can affect its marketability and its future and present usage. Two land development valuation techniques are used: the value of the land as subdivided; and the value of the land as current.

People who need more information about the services provided by Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, such as the appraisal of residential multi family properties can check out their website or contact them by phone or by email.

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